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Business process management (BPM) is a far-reaching concept that eludes a uniform definition. It is not just a field, profession, skill set or body of knowledge with subsets of models and charts. It is perhaps best summarized in terms like "a systematic approach," and "comprehensive discipline," with the goal of making companies "more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment."

This goal is, not coincidentally, the very epitome of what drives nearly every initiative impacting our work and personal lives today.

World Class Facilitation

At CEG, we recognize that business process management training demands a particularly adaptive curriculum and the most plugged-in, dynamic instructors working in the field. CEG instructors are active, working professionals at the top of their games, and are highly respected in their fields.

Our instructors are geographically dispersed and many are multilingual. All are accomplished communicators and group facilitators, with a passion for BPM and a vested interest in your success.

Partnerships for Success

CEG is an affiliate partner of BPTrends Associates (BPTA) a global pioneer and leader in business process management.  BPTA’s methodology is optimized by leading companies around the globe to enable their transformation into process-centric organizations with a set of integrated, well-defined processes. Our BPM Certificate Programs are created by BPTA.

CEG has developed a strategic alliance with Duke University, ranked in the Top 10 national universities by U.S. News and World Report, to deliver its certificate programs. Participations who opt for the CEG/Duke University Management Training Certificate earn a co-branded certificate backed by 90 years of academic excellence.

The Certificate Ladder

As with all complex disciplines, business process management is best taught in stages. LEAN Six Sigma is famous for borrowing the karate belt hierarchy for earning "belts." For BPM training, we have a three-tier progression with certificates awarded at each level:

1. Business Process Management Professional Certificate Program
This is designed primarily for the individual contributor or new manager wanting to grow as an influencer, make a more visible impact and position himself or herself for cross-functional roles. It's also appropriate for more seasoned managers who are new or whose companies are new to BPM principles.

Participants learn the building blocks of BPM, obtain the skills and techniques required to analyze and design new processes or redesign and improve existing processes, and acquire an introduction to gathering information from individuals and groups.

2. Advanced Business Process Management Certificate Program
This was designed primarily for managers with growing teams who are developing and managing the profitability of initiatives. This program is also for rising stars who have successfully conducted "beta" BPM projects and are pursuing a leadership role in process management.

In these courses, you will dive into the skills and techniques at a deeper level, while gaining a broader perspective of how BPM represents a holistic "end-to-end," customer-driven philosophy. Through the advanced courses, you develop the know-how to lead a team of business process change professionals.

3. Enterprise Business Process Management Certificate Program
This program is designed to train leaders to be architects and managers of a process-centric organization. If you are ready to move beyond departmental processes improvement initiatives and lead an enterprise-wide initiative, this course will help you develop that BPM Center of Excellence.

Flexible Learning Options

At CEG, we offer many of our business process management training courses via several learning options:

- On-site classroom experience: A subject matter expert leads these classes at your company site. In preparation, CEG tailors the course to the language and culture of your organization.

- Open-enrollment experience: Enrollees come from different companies and industries. This variety provides a broadening experience for participants as they see how BPM methods can be applied in different environments.

- Virtual classroom: Some companies and participants need to stay on-site and on-the-job through the training process. Feedback from participants has reinforced that the "take-home" from these programs is far from virtual! 

To learn more about program descriptions and available delivery methods, visit the CEG BPM Certificate Programs page here

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