3 reasons why companies need certified business analysts

Simply doing business the way companies used to do business is just not going to cut it.  As processes and systems become more complex, having the ability to solve problems when they arise is critical.  Leaving complex problems unsolved could expose companies to losses in the millions of dollars.  Organizations need someone who can understand their business processes and their technology. 

Certified business analysts are professionals that have distinguished themselves at the highest level according to industry standards.  They serve as a liaison between the business and technology stakeholders, because they understand the business, processes and technology that support an organization. 

Here are three reasons why companies need certified business analysts:

1. Provide Innovative Solutions: Certified business analysts can help organizations go beyond incremental improvements when needed and develop cutting-edge technology to increase market share, drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction; ultimately adding value to the bottom line.

2. Continuous Process Improvement: Certified business analysts are capable of incremental process improvements with an overall goal to reduce waste and create standardized processes.  A certified business analyst plays a critical role in facilitating business process discussions among stakeholders, redesigning processes to solve inefficiencies to lay the foundation for application support, and enhancement planning for future growth. 

3. Improve Adaptability: Certified business analysts can help organizations change the way they adapt to and react to change by helping meet customer and regulatory demands in the market place. 

As companies find their strategic goals becoming more aggressive, the greater the need will become for innovative thinkers who understand both the business and technology pieces of the puzzle.  The key to success will be aligning strategies with the job duties and responsibilities of those individuals who are qualified to solve complex problems.  Understanding the linkage between strategies, projects and benefits realization will be a critical component and a certified business analyst can help companies make that connection.

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