Why becoming a certified business analyst will make you a better asset to your team

Have you found yourself asking, “Should I become certified?” or “What will becoming certified do for me in my current position and my future?”  When it comes to the role of a business analyst, many companies face challenges finding the right people, matching their skill sets with the right projects and ensuring the work of requirements management is effectively executed.  Becoming a certified business analyst helps you to stand out from the crowd.  It tells current and potential employers that you are properly trained and certified in the area of business analysis and can help their company minimize the risk of poorly developed requirements. 

Here are a few good reasons for becoming a certified business analyst you might want to consider:

  • Minimizing Project Risk: Minimizing the risk of inaccurate and poorly managed requirements would help to eliminate cost of rework.  
  • Industry Recognition:  as a certified business analysis practitioner you will have industry recognition by a group of your peers.
  • Establishing Standardized Business Analysis Practice: Developing a competency in the principles and techniques of business analysis will help your team establish a business analysis process full of industry best practices.
  • Higher Earning Potential: As a certified business analyst, earning potential and career growth are higher with an industry-recognized certification.
  • Increase Stakeholder Understanding: As a certified business analyst, you can help provide a better understanding of the need for business analysis work to stakeholders, suppliers and vendors to help them see the value in the role.
  • Higher Benefits Realization: Delivering solutions that focus on expected benefits outcomes such as revenue, cost savings, market share growth and customer satisfaction will enable organizations to meet their strategic goals.
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention:  High-performing teams attract and retain other high performing business analysis professionals. 
  • Customized Approach to Business Analysis Work: A one-size business analysis approach does not fit all projects. Companies that employ certified business analysts are employing individuals with a wealth of tools and techniques at their disposal to assess a situation and use the most appropriate technique to design solutions that meet stakeholders’ needs.
  • Ongoing Training and Growth: Becoming a certified business analyst ensures an ongoing commitment to training and growth in order to remain certified as each certified business analyst has to recertify every three years.

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