The Six Best Charts for Root Cause Analysis and Other Data Revelations

If you want to identify the root cause of a problem and prevent rework, start by visualizing the relevant data using a variety of charts and graphs. This Tool Kit is an excellent reference to help you and your team select the right visual for your data set.  It provides an overview of the six of the best charts for root cause analysis. Once the root cause of a problem is identified, you can determine a solution to prevent the cause of the error and eliminate rework. 

    1. Pareto Chart – Great for narrowing down the factors that can cause a defect.
    2. Histogram – Useful for analyzing larger sets of data.
    3. Dot Plot – Shows the distribution and spread of an entire set of continuous data.
    4. Box Plot – Great chart to help uncover outliers.
    5. Scatter Plot – Illustrates a relationship between two variables.
    6. Control Chart – Study how a process changes over time.

Download the tool kit to start the root cause analysis process.



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