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Learn more about project management training

Continuing your project management training is a bold step toward bolstering your skills and accelerating your career, but choosing the right training course to complement your experience level and meet your goals can be challenging. Here are the strongest Corporate Education Group (CEG) courses for advancing your project management career and raising the value of your stock in the eyes of key stakeholders.

Push projects more aggressively
Hone your project planning and control abilities by augmenting your fundamental knowledge with contemporary tools and techniques. The Advanced Project Planning and Control course from CEG brings you up-to-speed with the current best practices and technologies and reinforces your learning through practical, case study-based exercises.

Add agility to your project management style, cutting project time and increasing profitability, by learning about the Agile project management approach, an iterative project management style that minimizes risk and improves project adaptability. CEG's Agile training offers course differentiators, such as experiential training, notable instructor experience and participant access to resources even after the course is completed.

Calculate the risk, reap the rewards
Drive informed and strategic projects by gaining a deeper understanding of the potential risks and rewards for your organization. CEG's Project-based Cost Benefit Analysis and ROI course teaches you to justify the project's expenses in relation to the projected value for the organization by evaluating the potential returns and communicating them through a compelling business case. Our Advanced Project Risk Management course complements this by empowering participants to accurately assess risk and use that to inform project management approaches and tactics.

Individuals in a leadership position will want to look into the Effective Program Management course if they're interested in discovering the best strategies to use to make smart decisions, managing difficult or challenging projects and finding out how determine predictability. 

Communicate, advise and lead your way to the top
Reaching the top of your project management career requires savvy and skill in developing a project management office (PMO) and aligning that department's goals with the overall strategy of your organization. With Advanced Project Management courses from CEG, you'll learn how to successfully integrate a PMO into your organization's overall strategy, as well as advising senior management on how your projects should support that strategy.

Ultimately, the best project managers are those who have learned to be dynamic team leaders. Learn how to coach, communicate and lead your team to project success with CEG's Leadership and Communication Project Management courses.

Bring everything/everyone together
Even the most resourceful project managers can have trouble bringing all stakeholders together to complete a project and managing each key player's responsibilities and duties to result in success. The course Managing Your Project and Its Stakeholders helps overcome this challenge. With this training, you can learn how to standardize project management, as well as plan out, execute, and close successful projects. 

Corporate Education Group offers dozens of project management courses at every experience level, and we're happy to recommend the ones that best suit your goals. Don't see an upcoming date for your course of interest?  Ask us about Skills Coaching.  We can take any course and provide you with a series of live, virtual, one-on-one personal coaching sessions for about the same cost as a seat in a public program. Call us at 1.800.288.7246 (US Only) or +1.978.649.8200 to get started accelerating your career with training from CEG.

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