Three tiers of leadership development offered by CEG

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Leadership development programs can nurture your rising stars and polish your top executives' skills.

Building leadership in your organization isn't a destination - it's a journey. From the novice leaders in your organization to the seasoned, experienced echelons of upper management, every member of your team should continue to grow and deepen their leadership skills.

Training programs, such as those offered by Corporate Education Group, provide concrete, actionable education for leaders of all ages and experience level, so your team can stay sharper, quicker and more savvy than the competition.

Encourage your Emerging Leaders

Supporting the inexperienced leaders in your organization is critical to company success and employee retention. Emerging leaders, those who have been in a management position for two years or less, need the tools that will help them solve business challenges, hire (and, when necessary, fire) the right team members, and learn to rally their teams behind them.

Training for new leaders builds skill and confidence, which means you'll have a more capable, more driven team of emerging leaders. With the right support, they're more likely to work harder and remain with your organization longer, so your company continues to benefit as their leadership roles and talents expand. These fledgling managers are eager and enthusiastic; help them learn to harness that energy to the advantage of your organization by giving them a firm foundation of leadership training.

Strengthen your Developing Leaders

Your mid-career leaders should be your most productive and efficient managers, still fresh and full of innovation, but experienced enough to offer invaluable insights into company strategy and direction. Your company needs them to intimately understand your customers, skillfully address complex and critical issues, and then develop and execute sophisticated business strategies. In tandem, they should be leading and sustaining successful company initiatives. That's a tall order.

Give your developing leaders, those with at least four years of management experience, the support they deserve to achieve success in their roles with leadership training tailored specifically to their unique challenges and experience level. With the right leadership training, you'll see your team of developing leaders mature in their talents and evolve in their roles, strengthening the core of your company as they grow.

Hone your Strategic Leaders

The future of your company depends on the sophistication of your upper management team's leadership skills. Help them hone those skills with leadership training that offers proven techniques for creating and driving organizational strategy, insights into staying competitive in a globalized market, and fresh approaches to problem solving and product advancement in a changing business landscape.

Whether your strategic leaders are new executives or experienced senior managers, leadership training can help them grow from managing with resolve to leading with vision and innovation.

Foster a culture of continued leadership excellence by giving your entire team relevant, contemporary training. With tailored programs for three levels of leadership experience, Corporate Education Group can help your organization's management team grow its leadership skills in a matter of weeks.

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