Further your professional development with Business Process Management

Business process management can change your future.
Business process management can change your future.

Do you feel as if you've reached a turning point in your career? Take the next critical step in your professional path with courses in business process management (BPM). Training can give you exceptional business process management insight, providing the edge you need as an outstanding candidate for that next job or promotion.

In a sea of resumes, you need a key differentiator.
Setting yourself apart from the applicant pool has never been more important. An increasingly young and exceptionally well-educated workforce means fierce competition, but earning a BPM certificate gives you an advantage. Businesses recruit team members with both experience and expertise in the techniques and strategies that deliver more efficient processes with fewer resources. A core understanding of business process management shows employers you're poised to immediately benefit their company.

Business Process Management benefits any company, in any industry.
No matter how tightly you think your ship is run, there are opportunities in every company for improving efficiency. In fact, the average business process contains about 80% non-value added activity and, often, eliminating the wasted processes translates directly into reduced operating costs, fewer errors and improved customer satisfaction, cycle time and profitability. Regardless of your industry, your company grows and your importance to its success solidifies when you gain deeper understanding of business process management.

Your career can't grow unless you do, too.
Supervisors and future employers won't hand you that promotion or next-step position simply because you've "put in the time." Whether you're seeking to expand your current role or reach the next level of management, you must extend your training and education as your industry experience grows. A good BPM course shows you the gaps and opportunities for improving your current business processes, while also training you to see the bigger picture, so your business process solutions evolve from reactionary to strategic. With business process management vision in your skill set, you'll become that key hire or promotion employers get excited to make.

Corporate Education Group's Business Process Management courses offer focused, actionable content for any career level, with distinct courses for specific roles such as Project Managers and Business Analysts. Early-career students can get an Introduction to Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Design or understand the Principles of Business Process Management, while senior staff can expand their knowledge with courses like Architecting and Managing a Process-Centric Organization and Advanced Techniques for Modeling, Analysis and Design.

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