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The market is always changing, and the organizations that succeed are the ones that are able to adjust their business processes efficiently and effectively. But preparing for change and building for success starts at the ground level: improving your own skills.

With strong corporate training in leadership and management, leaders can boost their own presentation, meeting, and communication skills, resulting in quantifiable and qualitative benefits for both workers and your organization, and increasing your organization's value in the mind of stakeholders.

With courses offered across a variety of channels, including traditional classroom and virtual instructor-led courses, Corporate Education Group is your corporate training resource, providing training that not only fits your needs and schedule but also helps you achieve your goals.

Check out below just a few of the ways CEG can help you become a more effective and inspiring leader.

Learn to be a better leader – regardless of your experience level
Wherever you are in your career, professional development and training from CEG can help you improve your skills as an effective and efficient leader.

For example, CEG's Emerging Leaders Certification Program helps newly promoted managers and other high potential team members tap into the leaders within, learn to meet business challenges and foster high-performing teams. You will benefit from a combination of instructor-led training sessions, which include pre- and post-session assignments and team activities, both on- and offline. Upon completion of the training, participants will be armed with strategies for boosting team performance, hiring peak performers and much more.

In addition, CEG experts can train you in new leadership concepts to help build on your existing knowledge and enhance your ability to solve complex problems. By assisting you to identify your passion and perspective, these new concepts help existing leaders take a deeper dive into their potential.

If you are making a big move - to an executive suite or new leadership role - cultivating an executive presence is key to success. By building greater Emotional Intelligence, participants will be better able to manage new projects, create alliances and inspire team members.

Creativity and collaboration are key
Clear and concise communication is a necessity in our information-saturated world. With emails, reports and presentations proliferating the business environment, learning to create effective communications that will cut through the constant buzz is key to reaching and engaging with your target audience and key stakeholders.

CEG's writing courses can enhance your ability to write compellingly and in a manner that fosters engagement. Courses such as Choice and Control: A Positive Approach to Conflict and Working Successfully with Others: Managing Conflict in the Workplace train you on how to analyze and respond to conflict for best results as well as create and maintain mutually beneficial professional relationships.

By practicing how to apply these skills and strategies in a variety of situations and intrapersonal relationships - and receiving constructive critical feedback - your communication abilities will be better prepared to adapt to and resolve any problem that arises.

Innovative thinking is rewarded with preparation
It can be easy for managers to feel stuck, using the same processes day in and day out to achieve the same results. However, success favors the bold!

CEG's course in Breakthrough Thinking teaches employees how to unlock their hidden creativity and then challenges them to apply these learned skills to a prepared task that resonates with the individual. Upon completion of the training, participants will leave not only with a possible solution to their very real problem but also a new way to approach and breakthrough tough challenges.

Organizations also benefit from having employees learn how to apply breakthrough thinking to issues of team organization, personal dynamics and how these relate to fostering innovation as a team. CEG offers workshops that teach leaders the Synectics Creative Problem Solving Process and how to apply it, helping them organize meetings and teams to best solve problems requiring innovative solutions.

With Corporate Education Group as your professional development source, you can ensure growth throughout your career and prepare yourself for a high-performing future. Read more about corporate training at CEG here, or call us at 1.800.288.7246 (US Only) or +1.978.649.8200 to discuss how we can create a custom educational program to suit your organization's needs.

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